Horse Human Heart Connection:
Transformation at a Primal Level

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Happy Coaching Clients

"When I lost my husband, I reached out to Julie because she is more like a friend, not just my therapist.  I needed some relief from my painful grief and she made me laugh in the middle of all my despair. She asked me to do some therapy with horses, and despite my doubts, what I learned was significant not just in my current situation, but also about who I am every day.  Seeing the bigger picture, I was able to move forward, redirecting my focus. In a few visits, Julie provided a year’s worth of therapy. She intuitively knew what questions to ask, giving me insight and relief, quickly. That’s why I travel to see her.  I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone." –Leah, San Diego, CA
"No matter what your age or circumstances in life, everyone needs someone, sometimes who can open a door and let the sun and warm breezes into a dark and stale room.  This is rare and lovely, but is even more life-changing if a person doesn't open the door; she takes your hand and shows you how to open that door yourself! Julie does that.  Her gentle and persistent questions lead you to find your own answers that will bless your life in a very special way.  A great coach doesn't develop the talent; they only bring out what is already there.  Julie is superb as a life coach. And somehow, she makes it joyful and fun." –CB, Campbell, CA
"Julie has wisdom beyond her years.  She is spot on in guidance letting in the light and the truth in a non-threatening, supportive, welcoming way." –GK, Los Gatos CA

Happy Workshop Clients

"This is the best training I've been to in a long time.  I love your style, looking forward to working more with you."  –MB, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Although I have horses, seeing how to apply concepts with people and horses was interesting and new." –KC  Paso Robles, CA

"There was an amazing immediate learning of presence and feedback.  I loved the experiential learning." –MS San Luis Obispo, CA

"Despite being very attuned to my pets, I'd not applied the dynamic with animals for my practice" –GC Los Osos, CA


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