Horse Human Heart Connection:
Transformation at a Primal Level

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 Julie Stass

Soul Fatigue

I have been a licensed clinician (LCSW) for over 20 years and have a doctorate in Psychology. Although I have recieved excellent clinical training and excelled as a therapist, I have never fit in with the traditional psychotherapy model.

 I've had horses all my life and have experienced some powerful healing moments with my horses.  I can truly say horses have healed my soul.

About six years ago,I had an amazing experience working with a horse whisperer.  I wanted my clients to have the same kind of life changing experience.  I've used experiential therapies to help my clients through trauma and find answers and peace, so integrating horses into therapy made sense.

The equine experience shortens therapy/coaching time, almost by half. What can be accomplished in one hour with the horses, (whatever the presenting problem) would take at least twice as much time using a traditional talking session format. Equine facilitated therapy is gentle and helps the client go deeply into their fear and find their answers.  My formal training as a therapist, a play therapist and clinical social worker combined with EAGALAand other EFC models and Martha Beck training techniques creates a unique, life changing coaching experience.

Julie Stass PhD, LCSW CA license number: LCS15828




NauticNautic is a Dutch Warmblood, born in Holland in 1991.  He was imported to the USA around 2005.  He was trained, shown and competed as an FEI stadium jumper and later retired.  I met Nautic taking a riding lesson.  He had the repuation of not wanting to be ridden.  Yet, when I rode him for the first time, he moved willingly and beautifully.

My instuctor and several by-standers were in tears, they'd never seen him perform so well.  Some people would say Nautic chose me.  I think they are right.  He came into my life at a perfect time.  His name means: charting a particular course or direction.  

Nautic has certainly taken my life in a new direction, as he does for my clients in the arena.  He is a great equine assistant. (Maybe, I'm assisting him?)

Authentic Leadership

When your unbridled passion and True Nature connect you have uncovered your primal, soul connection. This connection launches you into a journey where you become courageous, strong and start living an abundant life. When you live your Truth, you know what direction to follow.

When I experienced my Primal-Connection, I took the first giant step into living my best life. I began trusting myself, became courageous and challenged the old stories, beliefs and opinions that had been holding me back.

 I promised myself I would create a practice that would provide the same connected, soul-changing experiences for my clients.

Julie Stass PhD, LCSW 
St Helena, CA 94574

(805) 704-3626

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